General & Safety Rules

All racers will be required to sign a Waiver and Indemnity Agreement form, acknowledging the race participant’s understanding of the inherent risks and dangers of motor sports racing, and a legal release of GPK, its staff, owners, etc., from liability.  A copy of the form is available on our website so that you may review it in advance.  At GPK’s discretion, members may be requested to complete an annual agreement which shall last the duration of the annual membership.

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in PDF Format.


Racers under 18 years of age need a parent or legal guardian to sign Waiver and Indemnity Agreement form prior to their racing.  A copy of the form is available on our website so that you may review it in advance, and/or print a copy to be completed prior to arrival.  If you are bringing children other than your own, please ensure that you have provided such form to each child’s parent/guardian in advance and received a signed copy to bring with the child to GPK.

Racers without a valid automobile driver’s license will be tested at the lowest speed setting to determine their ability to compete at the normal speed setting.  At GPK’s discretion, you may be required to attend the Grand Prix Kartways go-kart racer training program, before being permitted to race in future.


A minimum of 48’’ is required for Junior Karts, and GPK reserves the right to restrict Junior Kart drivers to be a minimum of 10 years of age as well.


A minimum of 60’’ is required for Adult Karts, and GPK reserves the right to restrict Adult Kart drivers to be a minimum of 16 years of age as well.


At no time shall Junior Karts be permitted on the track with Adult Karts.


All racers must attend safety briefing on rules and regulations prior to commencing race, unless you are a Grand Prix Kartways member who has already received such instruction, or you are returning for an additional race on the same day of a prior briefing.


Please remember that Grand Prix Kartways is real racing and not an amusement ride. Accidents can happen if you do not drive safely, follow the rules and pay attention to track marshals and flags.  No reckless driving or horseplay is permitted at any time on or off the track.  If you receive a black flag, you must drive your kart slowly to the pit immediately.  After the checkered flag, racers will complete a final lap under slow condition to enter pit lanes safely.  Please follow pit crew instructions at all times.


Grand Prix Kartways is a non-contact sport and this cannot be emphasized strongly enough. We do not tolerate any bumping, blocking, or cutting-off. If you are unable to pass, this is not an excuse for contact.


Keep helmet on and properly fastened at all times while in the pit and on the track.  We provide you with a hair net or racing balaclava, as well as helmet.  Long hair must be tied up so that it is above the shoulders.  Keep helmet visor down at all times on the track.


Keep seat belt properly fastened at all times while in the kart.  Ensure that any loose clothing has been secured prior to racing.


Keep your feet and hands inside the kart at all times.


Exiting the go-kart while still on the track is dangerous and is not permitted.  An emergency shutoff system has been installed to stop all other karts on the track when an accident or potentially dangerous stoppage has occurred and witnessed by a track marshal.  You should remain in your go-kart even during such stoppages unless otherwise instructed by a track marshal, or unless the fire alarm has sounded.  If your kart spins or stops, you may use the reverse button (adult karts only) or raise your arm to signal for track marshal assistance.  Other karts on the track may be slowed down during on-track assistance depending on their location and/or severity of incident requiring assistance.


Grand Prix Kartways has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol or drug abuse. Anyone who appears to be under the influence will not be permitted to race.  At its discretion, GPK reserves the right to test any potential racer with an alcohol breath tester.  If you do not pass, or you appear to be under the influence of a narcotic, you will not receive a cash refund.  You may receive a free pass to race at a later time/date on your first offence.  Habitual offenders may have their memberships suspended indefinitely without refund.


Kart racing poses special risks to people with neck or back problems, heart conditions, anyone who is pregnant, and/or anyone who should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment. If you have a doubt, please check with your doctor before racing. 


It is racer’s responsibility to check on the status of their upcoming race, and to be prepared at least 10 minutes in advance.  If you miss your scheduled race, you may or may not be accommodated at a later time on that same day, depending on how busy the racing schedule is. 


All participants of a group event should arrive at GPK a minimum of 30 minutes in advance (preferably 45 minutes) in order to register, complete waiver, and receive pre-race instructions.


No cash refund of race ticket.  A credit may be offered depending on the circumstances.


Failure to obey all rules may result in removal from the race without refund or credit, and may result in suspension or permanent expulsion from GPK.


 I hereby agree to all Terms and Conditions