Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric karts slow?
In fact they are faster than gas powered karts, with immediate acceleration, greater torque, and 20HP versus 6.5HP to 9HP of their gas counterparts.  GPK’s Italian engineered karts can reach speeds of up to 85 KPH, however it would be impossible to reach such speeds indoors at any facility.

How long can the electric karts last?
You can run full power for up to 30 minutes or more, although we limit usage to 10 minutes for more rapid recharging.

Does the power slow down during the race session as the battery drains?
A full 48v of power is continuously provided during the race sessions.

What is the difference between gas karts and the electric karts GPK operates?
The differences lays in both kart safety and kart performance. GPK's electric karts are not only superior in the way they perform on the track, but also emit no noxious fumes or pollutants, which offers you hours of fun without feeling ill.

Is go karting dangerous?
Just like in any sport there are inherent risks. However, when you race at GPK you will see that we take precautions improve safety and minimize risk. From the karts we operate to the procedures we follow, you will quickly discover that go karting at GPK is not only exhilarating, but safe as well.

I am confused by the time versus laps sales techniques of different tracks in the GTA.  Am I getting more or less at GPK?
The easiest comparison we can make is total miles you have actually driven for the money you have paid.  For example, at GPK you can drive upwards of 4 miles with a single race fee (10 minute session), while some places sell 20 laps for $20 on shorter tracks netting you 2.5 miles, and so the comparisons reveal GPK to be a remarkable deal, for example:
GPK's $20 Member race gets you 18 laps or 4.5 miles

Can I bring my own kart?
Sorry, we cannot permit any other karts on our track.  Our karts have been inspected and approved by TSSA, and we do not allow gas engine karts in our clean, stink-free facility.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Yes, we do accept debit cards, Amex, Mastercard, and Visa.  Of course, cash as well.  No cheques though please.

What are the restrictions to race at GPK?
For adult karts you must be 58-60” tall and 13 years of age or above.  Junior kart racers must be 50-52” tall and 9-10 years of age. The height restrictions exist for customer safety to ensure that they can properly reach and operate gas and brake pedals.  The age restrictions can only be relaxed by a manager, and only if there is adequate proof that the child has racing experience.  Go-karting takes a lot more energy than most people think, so our concern is also based on whether the child can endure an entire race session.  Any time you race it is completely at your own risk.  We strongly recommend that you do not race if you have a heart ailment, risk of stroke, epilepsy, bad back, are pregnant, or recently had surgery or a fractured bone.  There may be many other conditions not listed here, and we recommend you consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Can I go on the track with my child?
If your child is big enough and skilled enough to race in an adult kart, then yes.  If your child is in a junior kart, then no.  We do not permit junior karts on the track at the same time as adult karts.

Do you have double-rider karts?
No, sorry we do not.  All our karts are single rider karts.

Do I need a membership to race?
No, a membership is not required. However the inexpensive Membership Card gets you huge savings on your racing season with preferred pricing, as well as membership in the GPK Points Program redeemable for free races and other goodies.

Does GPK offer a "Family-Friendly" environment?
From the moment you walk through the doors, you will quickly see that a visit to GPK offers a fun and playful setting to share some laughs and bond with your children and loved ones.  Whether you are big or small, young or old, there’s something for everyone at GPK!

What type of shoes should I wear to race?
This is a popular question for ladies and for the guys during the summer.  You should wear flat soled shoes, i.e. no high heels, and they should be closed-toed.  Sandals anfd flip-flops are not permitted.

What type of clothing is best?
Tight fitting clothing is best.  No skirts, dresses, or extra baggy clothing please, to prevent them from getting caught up in steering system.

Can I wear my own helmet?
Yes, you can bring your own race helmet provided that it meets safety standards and has full facial protection including chin enclosure.  We have the right to deem a helmet unsafe.

Can I wear my own race suit or gloves?
You are most welcome to bring your own racing gear, or buy some from our performance store.  Please ensure that they are in good repair, otherwise they may not be permitted for use if they are deemed to be potentially hazardous due to rips, tears, or improper fit.

What do I need to do before getting out on the track?
When you first arrive at GPK, check in at our Front Desk to receive instructions on what you must do before hitting the track.  There is a quick registration process that each racer must complete which includes the signing of consent forms before being pre-assigned to a race.  We keep the process quick and painless so that you can spend more time having fun and less time in tiresome line-ups!

How do I purchase track time at GPK?
Public racing track time is purchased on a “per race” basis.  Upon check-in, you can decide how many races you wish to purchase based on your desired length of stay. Generally speaking, the more races you buy, the less you will pay on a “per race” basis.

How long is a race session?
Adult kart race sessions are 14 laps on weekdays, and 16 laps on weekends.  Junior kart race sessions are 12 laps.  We divide our day into 10 minute intervals, so the above number of laps will generally be completed within a 10 minute period of time.    

Does GPK have a single-rate day pass option?
There are many options when it comes to purchasing public races at GPK.  You can purchase a race or two, and pay on a per-race basis.  However, for those wishing to visit for longer periods of time and race till you drop, we do offer a single-rate day pass option.  Pay a flat-rate entrance fee for the day and fit in as many races as you can get in during your stay. Our All Day Unlimited Racing Pass is available Monday-Friday from 6pm to midnight, Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm or 6pm to midnight, and Sundays from 12pm to 6pm, or 6pm to10pm.

Is it safe to race if I have a medical condition, bad back, or am pregnant?
Any time you race it is completely at your own risk.  We strongly recommend that you do not race if you have a heart ailment, risk of stroke, epilepsy, bad back, are pregnant, or recently had surgery or a fractured bone.  There may be many other conditions not listed here, and we recommend you consult your doctor if you are unsure.  We are by no means medical experts, so please do not ask for our opinion.

Do you have a liquor license?
Yes, GPK is a fully licensed facility, so you can most certainly enjoy an adult beverage during your stay.

Can I drink and race?
Sorry!  The same rules of the road apply to racing at GPK.  We do not permit persons who have been drinking alcohol to race, unless they are under the legal driving limit.  A general rule of thumb is no more than one drink per hour.  We do have a breath alcohol tester at the Pit booth that we may randomly test drivers with, and will most certainly if it appears you have been drinking excessively.  There is no cost for the test, but if you do blow over, you will not get a race refund.  A first offence will get you a race credit.  A second offence will result in a forfeit of your race fees.

Can the track marshal really slow me down or stop me from racing in the middle of a session?
Oh yes!  Our first priority is driver safety, yours and those around you.  If you are unable to control your kart, are overly aggressive, bump other drivers, hit the barriers, block other racers from passing you, or a general on-track nuisance, then the track marshal may slow you down for a lap or two as a warning or shut you down and have you escorted from the track if the matter is deemed to be serious or problems persistent.  Our goal is to keep all customers safe and happy, however a complete banishment from racing at GPK is not out of the ordinary if a customer is unwilling to obey the rules and regulations of racing at GPK.

I lost my race results.  Can I get another?
Yes, you can do so at our registration kiosks.

What else is there to do at GPK?
Aside from being the premier karting facility in the city, there are many other services and amenities available at GPK to keep you entertained during your visit.  Our one-of-a-kind 6 lane 90-foot Carrera Slot Car track and our Kinected Interactive Centre are the perfect complement to your entertainment experience. And if you’re hungry, we have a fully licensed Resto-Lounge on site that will deliver anything your culinary heart desires.

Do you have March-break and Summer Camps for children?
Yes, we offer week long camps.  Please visit our Racing Clinics page for details.

Can I book a private race event and/or party at GPK?
Most certainly you can.  Our facilities have been especially designed to host events both big and small.  You can contact a sales rep at or by phone 416.638.5278.  If you visit our Prices page on this website, you can access detailed packages, race ideas, menus, and even and an Event Planning Guide.

What is the difference between public racing and group event packages?
Public racing is available on a “walk-in” basis 7 days a week, and  is always offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.  For groups of 10 or more, we do offer pre-booked group event packages that offer a more structured race experience, as well as pre-reserved times and private race sessions.

How can I improve my lap times?
The easiest way to improve your lap times is to practice.  Repetition and some useful pointers will get you traveling on the right race line and will shave seconds off your lap times.